The Sanctuary Model

A traumatic experience impacts the entire person – the way we think, the way we learn, the way we remember things, the way we feel about ourselves, the way we feel about other people, and the way we make sense of the world…

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Sunday, December 17th

Choosing Sanctuary

I've heard about Sanctuary, but I had no idea how amazing this was going to be.


Joan Bender Director of Training and Professional Development at St. Catherine's Center for Children

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My Concept of Power

Submitted by: Nicole Samuela, Mercy Family Services, Australia


To me the whole concept of Power is an illusion created by the ego. Nobody has any more power over you other than that which you are willing to give them. 
Some would argue in the work place there are people who exercise authority over other employee's making them feel powerless or dictated too. If t...(Read More)