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Singapore – Our Newest Network Member

Submitted by: Brian Farragher, COO, ANDRUS


For two weeks, Joe Benamati and I traveled to Singapore to conduct a Five Day training for Methodist Children and Youth Center (MCYC).  MCYC will be managing the latest and greatest initiative in children's services; a small group home designed to serve some of the country's most vulnerable and injured boys.  We also trained a large cross section of staff from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), the Ministry responsible for overseeing services to children placed out of home.

The week was exhilarating.  Joe and I both felt privileged to work with so many caring, committed and thoughtful professionals.  There is a great spirit in these groups and they are working hard to improve the quality for services to their children.

In our "circle up" at the end of the training participants expressed their hope that Sanctuary will provide a strong foundation for the organizational needed to really help injured children and families recover.  There was a sense that interest in Sanctuary was growing in this small, but amazing country.  Joe and I were thrilled to be part of this exciting transformation.

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