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Exciting Developments

Submitted by: Sarah Yanosy, Director of the Sanctuary Institute


The Sanctuary Institute is in the process of exploring ways to offer more to our Sanctuary sites. One way we are doing this is through increasing our use of technology to deliver information and services to our members. We are hoping to create a series of web-based trainings and electronic resources for agencies practicing Sanctuary. Stay tuned for more details about what to expect and when we might launch! We are also looking at ways to collaborate with other thought leaders in our field and in other fields. We have had conversations with Tony Schwartz and Annie Perrin of the Energy Project to look at overlaps in our respective work and ways to help people facing chronic stress. We recently offered a clinical series in PA to enhance clinical skills for Sanctuary practitioners which included "Trauma Art Narrative Therapy" by Dr. Lyndra Bills and "Cross Modal Therapy" by Dr. Nancy Lubow in addition to SELF family training and treatment and SELF psychoeducation group lessons.


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