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Are you Batman or Superman?

Submitted by: Landa Harrison, Senior Project Manager, Sanctuary Institute


I’ve been struck lately by my need to reconnect with people from my past and the desire to broaden my community of professional and personal relationships.  Call it age, call it wisdom or call it the ability to identify a need that is not being met.  Whatever the case, I am continually reminded just how powerful the lenses are in my Sanctuary Glasses.  Daily I am reminded how thinking “I wonder what has happened?” vs “Dang, what is wrong with him/her” has impacted my view of myself and that of the world.  I feel like I have gained both intelligence and optimism as a result of my own personal journey.  So I began to wonder, “Have others changed their view of their work, their world as I have?”  How could I ever explain what it is that I mean so that people would get it?  And then it came to me…Bizzarro World Redux!

Consider the worldviews of Justice League Superheros  Batman and  Superman:

It seems to me that Batman approaches the world hurt. His own past,  his story so to speak, fills him with anger and a need to seek reprisal for all those past injuries , and as a result, his mission in life is to right that which is wrong.  Some people suggest that Batman-types in our culture, see the world as a us vs. them, and battles are either won or lost.

Conversely, Superman presents to the world as an Intelligent Optimist and sees his life as both an opportunity and with a high sense of social responsibility.  He holds true to these values in everything that we see him do.  Superman is unwilling to resolve conflicts by overtly using his power. Though he could surely use his brute force to wipe out the bad guy, he simply cannot. In my opinion, and a few others, Superman is the trauma informed hero.  He views each barrier and obstacle as an opportunity to create an environment of healing and recovery.  And, it appears from all observation, that there is a simple joy for him in helping others.  Much like many of our Sanctuary Network members

I have shared just two that quickly come to mind given our young son’s current interest  with the Justice League in American Comics.  And, I am sure there are many others that come to mind for some of you.  So, with whom do you identify?  Have you changed your worldview since become a member of the Sanctuary Network?  I have.  Now it’s your turn to share.

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