Training & Consultation: Trauma-Informed Practice

Some organizations wish to infuse components of the Sanctuary Model into their current practice in order to enhance their existing services or overlay an element of trauma-sensitivity. Practicing trauma-informed care through the Sanctuary Institute can be as expansive or as limited as you wish, as you can access whichever services most specifically meet your goals.

Practicing trauma-informed care through Sanctuary requires membership in the Sanctuary Academy, which includes access to the on-line library of support materials, a series of webinars and discounts on selected products.

Once your organization has become a member, the first step in practicing trauma-informed care through Sanctuary is a comprehensive needs assessment. This assessment evaluates organizations in the areas of leadership readiness, trauma awareness, service delivery, strengths and weaknesses of organizational culture and organizational trauma history. This needs assessment will include recommendations about which components of the Sanctuary Model will be most beneficial to align the organization with its goals of practicing trauma-informed care, suggestions about how to implement the chosen components and options for technical support and consultation.

A customized two day training/planning session will be offered to leadership within one month of the evaluation to review and create a plan to implement recommendations.