Training & Consultation: Trauma Awareness

Enhanced trauma awareness is a solid first step toward improving your practice. Enhancing Trauma Awareness has helped to strengthen both service delivery and approach for organizations, systems, and communities.

Our expert faculty at the Sanctuary Institute can customize a training experience tailored to your audience which will not only impart information about the scope of trauma-exposure in the world around us, but also develop an appreciation for the effects of that exposure.

These four-hour sessions include a multi-media didactic component as well as breakout sessions or activities to align with best practices in adult education. These can take place on-site at your organization for a minimum of 20 participants, but are also offered at the Sanctuary Institute.

Our Trauma Awareness Series includes the following options to choose from:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences – the impact of early childhood exposure on adult life
  • Deciphering Between Misbehavior and Trauma Symptoms
  • Building Trauma-Awareness into your Crisis Response Plan
  • Practicing Self-Care in High Stress Human Service Jobs
  • Managing Organizational Conflict During Times of Organizational Stress
  • Applying Trauma-Thinking to Your Stressed Organization
  • Introduction to the Sanctuary Model as an Organizational and Clinical Intervention
  • Using a Trauma-Informed Problem Solving Framework to Organize Client Services
  • Why asking "What's happened to you?" works better than "What's wrong with you?"
  • Reenactment: Why the Same Problems Keep Coming Back!