Training & Consultation: Support

The Implementation of the Sanctuary Model is executed through a combination of trainings and consultations provided by the Sanctuary Institute Faculty members which move an organization through a series of steps to align the practices, attitudes and philosophies of an organization toward a trauma-informed perspective. There are four manuals that will be made available to staff to assist in the implementation:

- The Sanctuary Implementation Guide

- The Sanctuary Staff Training Manual

- The Sanctuary Psycho-education Manual

- The Sanctuary Implementation Standards

There are four components of service delivery in addition to manuals and other written support materials. These four components are outlined below.

The Needs Assessment

The process of implementation begins with a diagnostic assessment of the organization. This assessment typically involves a two day on-site observation and interview process which is used to generate a report outlining the organization's strengths and weaknesses along eleven domains. These domains align with the seven Sanctuary Commitments and the four components of SELF. (Please see exhibit A for an overview of this process.)

The Five Day Training

The second step of the implementation process involves intensive training of an organization's identified leadership at a multimodal, dynamic five day training. (Please see exhibit B for an outline of the curriculum) Participants will leave the training with an understanding of the philosophical components and tools of the Sanctuary Model. These leaders who attend the five day training become what is referred to as the "Steering Committee". The members of the steering committee are charged with using the components, tools and materials provided to lead the creation of a trauma-sensitive culture for staff and youth across all organizational and treatment domains.

The five day training will provide an in depth examination of the Sanctuary Concepts and tools as well as the opportunity for small groups to work with Sanctuary Institute faculty consultants to apply the theoretical concepts and the tools to the specific settings in which they will be implementing the model.

On-site Consultation

The Steering Committee is expected to utilize the Sanctuary Implementation guide plan consultation and begin roll out of the Sanctuary Model across the organization. One initial task for this group is to identify and create a Core Team of staff at their site. This group of people will partner with the Steering Committee and further inform the agency in Sanctuary roll out.

The Core Team's main function is to learn about the model from the Steering Committee and consultants and inform the implementation process through thought and action as Sanctuary is implemented into the existing organizational culture. In conjunction with the SI faculty, Core Team members will assist with all staff training as well as the development of agency implementation and roll out plans. Additionally, Core Team members will participate in disseminating the concepts and tools of the model to children and families including the delivery of the SELF psycho-education curriculum. The core team will also provide support to the staff as they learn to use the philosophy and tools of the Sanctuary Model, remaining mindful of the challenges of organizational change.

Phone Consultation

In order to maintain momentum for the team, phone calls will be held each month with the Sanctuary Institute Faculty to foster the building of community among the many steering committee or core team as well as to support the sites in completing the tasks in a timely manner, trouble shooting and answering specific questions related to the implementation process.