Training & Consultation: Implementation

The Sanctuary Institute is committed to helping agencies implement and sustain the Sanctuary Model through training and consultation over an individualized training and consultation plan.  On average, implementation unfolds over the course of three years.

SI Chart-01

The process of implementing Sanctuary begins with an On-site Needs Assessment at an agency’s facility.  A Sanctuary Institute representative will conduct interviews with leadership, staff, and clients to obtain baseline information about the organization.  This first step will identify strengths and areas for targeted intervention.

Next, members of an agency’s leadership team will attend a Five Day Training session which includes a mix of didactic and experiential components.  Participants will learn specific implementation steps and concrete tools for bringing the Sanctuary Model back to the site, and break-out times consisting of a series of activities and facilitated discussions will help participants explore the specific challenges and advantages that the agency may have in implementing the model.

At the conclusion of the five day training, each agency will begin the process of implementing Sanctuary with scheduled Technical Support in person and by phone from Sanctuary Institute faculty for approximately three years of implementation.  We will send faculty to the site periodically to make presentations and provide staff training and other consultation.  

In addition to consultation, organizations join the Sanctuary Network, a community of shared practice including over 200 agencies from around the world.  The Sanctuary Network allows members to learn from the experiences and innovations of other organizations, share breakthroughs, and build relationships for long term support.